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Environmental and Safety

Safety is one of the leading concerns for all golf courses. 

It helps keep our employees from harm and our customers safe from the every day hazards they can face while out on the course.

Our safety audit services can help you identify hazards and potential risk situations that will not only help to keep your customers from unforeseen mishaps, but also help reduce any possible liabilities on the course. Our team of highly experienced safety coordinators can help you find and fix many of the things that usually get overlooked.

We also provide the service of going through the employee areas to audit for OSHA issues, avoiding violations and helping you to create a safe work environment for your employees. 

Our lead Safety Coordinator has worked with some of the largest companies in the world.  She has experience in Great Britain, China, and  all of the United States. She has dedicated her life's work to making sure that every facility she visits is safer and more environmentally sound than before she got there.

Our company owner has spent years learning lawsuit prevention and OSHA safety regulations specifically aimed at the golf industry. 

Please call and see how we can help you to meet your goals.

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